Maji is a multidisciplinary award winning design practice based in Zagreb, Croatia. It is led by its founder, owner and creative director Luka Maji Predragović. Methodical, passionate and professional attitude, as well as belief that good design is more than a visual playground, is what best describes Maji’s approach. Maji seeks for areas where story and communication overlap and delivers the most powerful differentiator that communicates you to your audiences. While working, Maji gives a great care to every step in this strategic process and is enthusiastic when clients are passionate about projects too.

It is good and smart investment to include a design practice in the early phase of your project and Maji can help you clarify your communication needs and determine your design directions. Everything starts with a conversation to understand you and your needs. Furthermore, Maji loves to join forces with you, the clients, to work together as one. You are involved in every phase of the process and through iterations a progress towards final result is made.

Whether it is for larger or more independent clients, Maji’s approach gives the individual dedication to argumentative thoughts, concepts, details, and crafts that are then carefully developed all the way to the launch of a project. Maji enjoys taking a wide scope of cultural and commercial projects — from one-off items to full range communication materials through all platforms: print, digital and environment, and since Maji has many talented friends, your projects can get everything they require.

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